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Judith started Judith Conway Designs in 1994 and has become one of the leading Designers of Platinum Bridal and Fashion Jewelry.

1. Judith Conway designs and produces all of her merchandise in the “United States”. Our shop and all skilled craftspeople are located in Beverly Hills, CA.

2. All designs are original and a signed Certificate of Authenticity is available.

3. Judith is a woman designing for women and was awarded “Designer of the Year” by the WJA.

4. Attention to detail is of utmost importance to Judith Conway in the design of the ring. The side view of ring is as important as the top view where the setting does not detract from the center stone.

5. We hand carve our designs in silver rather than wax. This assures us a more exacting fit on multiple piece rings and adds detail to rings with knife and angled edges.

6. The shanks on all rings are rounded to provide comfort and wearability.

7. Our limited distribution assures you of a more exclusive product. Chain stores and discounters are not sold.

8. The finest cut diamonds are used in our production. All fancy shape diamonds are cut in Belgium. VS-FG is our standard clarity grade and color. Larger matched pairs can be selected to match your customers center diamond.

9. An induction rather than a centrifugal casting machine is used. This gives us a heavier, denser, and stronger casting. It is approximately 25% heavier.

10. We use 90% (900) iridium/platinum, it is denser than platinum, which is important in giving us a brighter more brilliant finished piece.

11. Polishing process---platinum requires the surface to be repeatedly abraded (4-5 times) with finer and finer grits until the scratches or marks become so fine they appear to be non-existent. Some manufacturers will use one grit and then rhodium plate the piece to reduce labor costs. The luster and beauty of the piece is lost when the plating wears off. 90% of all platinum produced in China is rhodium plated. Many U.S. manufacturers also rhodium plate their finished piece.

12. The induction casting, the 90% platinum and the polishing process are all instrumental in giving us the brightest and most brilliant platinum product in the industry.

13. Our pave’ work is special in that we use diamonds starting at ¼ of a point. Many of our rings may have upwards of 100 diamonds with a total weight of .50ct or even less. Using smaller diamonds will make the piece more elegant and feminine. It also adds to the cost as the labor to set is more than the total diamond weight. Many designers and manufactures do two things today to reduce labor (setting) costs. 1- They produce their product in China/India. 2- Rings are cast with beads to reduce setting time. Naturally, this reduces the quality, durability and beauty of the finished piece.

14. Baguettes that are set on the side of the shank (following the curvature of the ring) must be individually cut and set. A diamond setter and diamond cutter must sit at the bench together to produce these pieces. The individual diamond cutting eliminates the gaps that would naturally appear between the stones after setting. As one diamond is set, table up, the next one is inverted. This gives greater brilliance and beauty to the piece. No other designer or manufacturer is providing this type of collection.

[Our diamonds have been purchased from legitimate sources not involved in funding conflict and in compliance with United Nations resolutions. The seller hereby guarantees that these diamonds are conflict free, based on personal knowledge and /or written guarantees provided by the supplier of these diamonds.]


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